Over 100 years of running, the university has made the HHU Library great. A greater HHU Library also contributes to a more famous Hohai University. 

From the day it was set-up, the HHUL has been thinking highly of innovation to better serve teaching activities and scientific research. It has been dedicated to provide staff and students with the best services and promote construction of university culture. It aims to help Hohai students develop in an all-around way, better and stronger.

In order to show the development of HHU Library from the perspective of history, we have collected some valuable documents, furniture and equipments, some of which are books dating back to 1915 when the university was established or books from other universities in 1956 when the adjustment of higher education institutes occurred or equipments from the 1990’s or even some tools made by librarians themselves. All of these reflects the centurial history of our library. 

Let’s gain confidence and strength from our memory and feel proud from the development of our library. 

Wish HHU Library a prosperous future! 

Welcome to the Exhibition on the west wing, 2F, Jiangning Campus Library. Opening time is from 7:00 to 22:30.