Zhu Jingwei (sit in the middle, front row)

Famous clay artist

Representative inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage ----Nanjing Clay Figure

Member of Folk Literature and Art Association

Director of Nanjing Arts & Crafts Association

Member of Nanjing Artists Association

Founder of Traditional Art Culture Creation Club of Hohai University. Gold Award of Jiangsu Yibo Cup Competition in 2017

Silver Award of Jiangsu Yibo Cup Competition in 2016

Nanjing May Day Innovation Expert Award

First prize of Nanjing Excellent Arts and Crafts Works

Honorary Title of Nanjing Qinhuai Craftsman

Honorary title of “Star of Study” of Drum Tower of Nanjing

The most important title is A LIBRARIAN IN HHU LIBRARY!

Clay sculpture art is one of Chinese treasures, with a long history and exquisite craftsmanship, and based on the objects containing the profound and grand spirit of Chinese culture.  The education of clay sculpture enables us to intuitively and vividly understand our splendid culture, to cultivate our national dignity and pride. At the same time, its creation is not only a process where we turn our imagination into the specific results with our hands, but also it is to show what we have learnt, what we have observed and what we have created.

Carrying out sediment experiments


Conducting model experiments


Hydrological surveying