Donation Contents

1. Academic database to serve teaching and scientific research

2. For special collection (manuscript, documents, decent furniture, etc.)

3. For water culture image space (videos, photos, furniture, etc.)

4. For landscaping in library (plants, fish, casual furniture, etc.)

5. For teaching material recycling (teaching materials and relevant documents, etc.)


Contact Tel:025-83786330(main campus),025-58099451(jiangning campus)

Please check the detailed management policy here.
Management Policy on Acceptance of Donated Documents of Hohai University Library (Revised)
Accepting donations is an effective way to enrich library collection. The management policy is designed to manage the donation effectively and properly
I The documents mentioned mainly refer to paper books, periodicals and other documents.
II The document donation is based on the principle of “voluntary and unpaid donation”.
III Once the donations have been accepted, the right of donations is owned by the library. The library has the right to dispose documents that do not meet the collection principles.
IV Principles of Collection
1. Generally, periodicals are only available for reading in the current year and are not included in the collection. They can be accepted as a collection if they are shortage of the library.
2. Documents that meet the following conditions listed below will be accepted:
1) Chinese and foreign formal publications or informal publications such as conference papers, dissertations, manuscripts, scientific reports, academic journals, etc.;
2) Being suitable for readers with Bachelor’s degree or above;
3) Meeting the needs of talent cultivation and scientific research for Hohai University;
4) No collection or an extra copy requires.
3. Documents that meet one of the following conditions will not be accepted:
1) In violation of national laws, regulations and with low quality contents;
2) Non-academic informal publications;
3) With smudge, water stain and damage, not suitable for collection;
4) Collection duplicated and no requirement for an extra one.
5) An incomplete set of multiple volumes of literature;
6) Content without academic or reference value.
V Collecting Method
1. Collection of Single Copy: The library will put the copy in the corresponding location after cataloging. The collection information can be searched through the library website.
2. Sponsorship Collections: The library will display a large quantity of donations according to the donor's requirements and collection conditions.
3.  Special Collections: The literature published in the name of Hohai University will be displayed in the “HHU Faculty/Alumni Connection Room” for permanent preservation and use.
4. Rare Books Collection: rare books with important cultural relics value or other ancient books of great value will be displayed in the “Ancient Literature Room”.
VI Ways of Receiving
1. In-library donations: the donor carries the documents into the library;
2. Post donations: The documents are delivered to the library by post;
3. Door-to- door collecting: The librarian collects the donations somewhere else as the donor’s requirement;
4. Other donations: The library accepts donations through certain ways or ceremonies.
VII Receipt
Once the donated documents are received, the library will issue a donation certificate.
VIII These Measures shall be implemented on the date of publish, and the previous management policy shall be abolished simultaneously.
Contact details:

7F,Administration Office
Hohai University Library
No. 1, Xikang Road
Nanjing,Jiangsu Province, 210098
Tel:025-83786330(main campus),025-58099451(jiangning campus)
Messages from the Director

Ba dan, chief editor of Reading Can Change Life, said: “Reading can’t change the length of life, but can change the width of life; reading can’t change the beginning of life, but can change the end of life.” There is also a famous saying from Gorky: Books are the stepping stones to human progress. Books are the ladder of life for everyone, and make our dream fly high into the sky. Our life will be happy and glorious along with its extension. I really believe that reading can change your life.

From the depository of books to library, it has always been a paradise of knowledge, collecting abundant resources of books, recording the process of civilization, and spreading the culture of human beings. “If Heaven exists, it should be the appearance of the library.” Borges, a famous write and the director of the National Library, said. Swimming in the sea of books, soaring in the sky of knowledge, you will become a smart, open-minded, optimistic and aggressive person.

From one classroom sized library in 1915 to a library collecting all books national wide on water resources and civil engineering in 1952, it has developed into a comprehensive library in the new era, with outstanding features of collection, covering the areas of science, civil engineering, arts, management, economics and laws, for the purpose of cultural inheritance and dissemination, as well as of promoting the development of Hohai. With one hundred years of accumulation, the collections of library has raised generations of Hohai people, armed your mind, enriched your wisdom, and helped you to grow up and nurtured your talents.

Friends, if you nod off at this moment, you will have a daydream; if you study at this moment, you will make your dream come true. Let us read books with our “mystical powers”, perhaps you will be the next lucky guy whose destiny gets changed because of reading!

Prof. Yu Dahuai

Director of Hohai University Library