Rooms for reservation

Our multifunctional rooms are ideal for educational activities such as workshops, conferences and meetings. The rooms are flexible to set up and equipped with modern technical facilities. Groups of 3-120 people are welcome.

Book a room for an event:

Fill in an Application Form at the Main Information Desk on the day of event.


Rooms for maximum 10 persons:

4 rooms in 2th Floor, West Wing, Jiangning Library

※  Facilities: table and chair

※  Can only be booked by HHU faculty and students for 1.5 hours

※  Minimum 3 people

※  The reservation is cancelled after 15 min if a group is absent

※  The reservation is free of charge


Rooms for maximum 20 persons:

2 rooms in 4th Floor, Jiangning Library

※  Facilities: table and chair

※  Can only be booked by HHU faculty and students for 1.5 hours max

※  Minimum 3 people

※  The reservation is cancelled after 15min if a group is absent

※  The reservation is free of charge


Room for maximum 120 persons:

※  Location: 4th Floor, West Wing, Jiangning Campus Library

※  Facilities: screen, table and chair, projector, Hi-Fi

※  Can only be booked by HHU faculty and students.

※  A small amount of fee may be required for cleaning purpose. Please consult the main information desk in advance for more terms and conditions.

Study Places

HHUL offers a range of options to study and has over 4300 seats, of which 50 seats with a PC.

Places with a PC

※ Location: West Wing, 3rd Floor, Old Building

※ Time: 8am----10.30pm

※ Facilities:  seat with PC, IPad, sofa and chair, projector

Computers & Wifi


HHU Jiangning Library has 84 computers for readers to use, of which 34 pc are in the main hall and reading areas and 50 pc are in the Information Commons.  


Wireless Internet connection

Hohai University currently achieves full coverage of wireless networks (There is no network signals in a few areas due to geographic location).

International students need to go to the information center to activate a personal HHU Internet account. The account ID is the passport number when registering.

The wireless network at HHU is the HHUCAN and HHU-WLAN, which are two free wireless hotspots. Connect to any one of them and you can easily access the campus network.

Through these hotspots, you can use all kinds of campus resources free of charge after client authentication.

You can surf outside the campus network via the Dr.COM Client APP after login.

Off-campus Access

There are many databases and journals that can be remotely accessed by employees and students of HHU via a VPN connection. A VPN is  for people working from home who have an internet connection without a HHU IP address, giving you access to certain services that are normally only available within HHU campus.


More details or options please see Network and Information Management Center website:

Printing & Copying

Students and employees can print (A4, A3 only), make copies (black-and-white only) and scan documents. There are six machines available for copying, scanning and printing.  Library can only accept campus card payment.


※  Locations:

Main service desk, 2nd Floor

    Main Hal, 4th Floor

※  Cost:

Print        A4 + A3 black/white ¥ 0.2

Copying     A4 + A3 black/white ¥ 0.2


Double sided printing or copying is charged twice the amount for single sided printing or copying.


※  Payment

You can print, scan and copy with your HHU campus card. Top up your credit on the Self-service Portal machine with BOC card (Bank of China), which locates in the Xingzheng Building (3 min walk from the library). 


Need a break? Relax in our musical e-phonograph and digital piano. You will find the machine at the central hall of 4th Floor, West Wing. They are free to use. Have a go at the piano and let your creativity run free.

House Rules

We love to offer everyone a pleasant place to study, work and/or meet people. In order for this to remain possible, the following house rules apply:


Treat the study places and all facilities with respect.

Show respect to your fellow readers.

You are not permitted to eat and drink (with the exception of water) in the Library. You are not permitted to talk and make telephone calls in the reading area and study area.

There are rules and regulations regarding the use of computers and digital resources.

Library is not liable for any damages and/or theft of any personal belongings.

No pet is permitted in the library.


Abuse and theft

We reserve the right to hold you accountable for any damages. So please treat our facilities with respect. In the case of extreme abuse of our facilities, we can and will deny you access to our facilities, services and/or building.


Denial of access

In the case of extreme abuse, theft, disorderly conduct or general misbehavior, we have the right to deny you access to our facilities, services and/or building for a specified period of time.  


Lost and found

Have you lost an item? Or found something that did not belong to you? Items are kept at our service desk.

However, Library is not liable for any lost items or damages.


In case an item is kept at our service desk for over half a year, we have the right to discard the item.


Filming and photography rules

Photographing and / or filming in our building is not allowed if you get permission from our administration office.