Library Card

International students can borrow books and access many library services with a valid HHU campus card. Your library privilege has been activated by default if you are HHU faculty, staff and students, so the campus card is also the library card. If you are not an HHU employee or student, you will have to apply for a library temporary card in the administration office.

It is the responsibility of the cardholders to provide correct cell phone numbers, email addresses to the information desk. Cards are not transferable and loss of them must be reported to the issuing agency without delay.

Please check details in

Terms & Conditions for Library Card (Campus Card)

Entry Regulation

Contact us

Library Information Desk

6th Floor, Main Campus Library
2nd, Jiangning Library
Tel:  025-83787307 (Main Campus)

Tel: 025—58099454 (Jiangning)

Office Hours:   Monday - Friday    8:00-12:00 13:00- 17:00

Information Desk

International students are mainly interested in the foreign books, although all the books from the open stacks can be borrowed on the information desk with your valid campus card. Books from both campuses can be returned here.

Reservation for the closed stack books is located at 6th Floor in the Main Campus Library and 2nd floor in the Jiangning Library.

Books from closed stacks can only be returned at the information desk of the Main Library and Jiangning Library.

Circulation Rules and Privileges

Upon presenting a valid card, readers can borrow books subject to the loan quotas and loan periods.

Please check details as follows

Management regulations for foeign books and periodicals

Chinese Books Regulations


Readers may renew foreign books online or on machine once for 7 days. Overdue books cannot be renewed. If others have reserved the book, you cannot renew this book. Our system will show you the new return date after successful renewal.


If the book is reserved by other readers, once the book is returned, it will be kept aside for the reader who requests.

Overdue Fees

Readers who fail to return foreign books by the due date will be charged 1 / Day on a 14 days loan. Please check the management regulations for foreign books before borrowing.

Lost and Damaged

Readers shall be responsible for any loss or damage of the library materials. 
For lost books readers may offer an exact copy or a copy of newer edition (the approval of the library is required). If the lost book is out of print, the compensation will be calculated as follows: 

Original price * 3 (the number may vary on a pro-rata basis according to the number of years of storage)

The original price in foreign currency needs to be converted into Chinese RMB at the current exchange rate. Besides, readers should pay the overdue fines calculated up to the date of their reporting. If the book reported lost is later found and returned to the library (not longer than 1 month from the date of compensation), the compensation will be refunded. But the reader should pay the overdue fine calculated from the date of compensation. 
If the book is seriously damaged, the compensation will be the same as for lost books. 

Please check details in the following PDF files:



You can return books where you borrowed. Books from both the Main Campus Library and Jiangning Library can be returned at any library. 
During the closed hours of the library, you can return books by Self-service Returning Machine (24 hours) at the north gate, 2nd Floor of Jiangning Library. 

Circulation Notice

Readers should log in library online account My Library (Account name is your faculty/students number and the password is the last 6 digits of your passport number) so that you can check your own circulation notices timely.


Book or article not available?

If a book you want is not in our collection, we can in some cases arrange for it to be sent from another library. We refer to this as the borrowing from other libraries and document delivery. This service is only available to HHU students and employees.

Borrowing from other libraries

We have Jiangning Library Union Card for undergraduate students and Jiangsu Province Higher Education Library Union Card for faculty and graduate students to visit member libraries and borrow books from them. Card application is available upon further notice from the issuing agency. Please check notice on our website regularly.

Document delivery

If an article is not in our own collection or unavailable online in full text, in most cases you can request a copy from another library via our document delivery service Please refer to document delivery service.

Purchase Suggestion

If there is a book or journal you would like to see,but excluded in our collection, you can make a suggestion. All suggestions will be carefully considered. If your suggestion meets the collection requirement and fits within the budget, we will be happy to purchase it. 


To make a suggestion, the following steps must be completed. You can check the process of your request on our website. It will take at least a month before you can actually borrow the book. 


If you need a book sooner, you could also request it at another library via Borrowing from other libraries. 

Ways to recommend a purchase:

I  Database and journals

Option 1  Send E-mails to

Option 2  Send a paper suggestion form to the Resource Construction Department , 9F, main campus library. 

II  Books

Option 1 

Step 1  Log on Library website

Step 2 Log on My Library.

Step3 Enter “Reader’s Suggestion”, and then “Continue to suggest”.

Step 4 Type in the book’s information.

Step 5 Or enter “detailed Order Catalogue”, and select books by viewing the book list.

Option 2 Send E-mails to

Option 3 Send a paper suggestion form to the Resource Construction Department , 9F, main campus library. 

Option 4 Experts from colleges are invited regularly to recommend books.

Option 5 Pay attention to our notice on website to inform staff and students to attend national book fair. We would pay your selections on the fair.

Participation of staff and students in suggesting a purchase helps in  bringing more good collections. All readers are welcomed.